Stu Saves the World

A story about a friendly mismatched robot named Stu. When Earth is invaded by the evil Shadowbots, the Frankenbots are forced to leave. If Stu doesn't get the others to work together, the World will be doomed. A fun adventure with messages of teamwork and friendship.



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A funny, creative story that inspires teamwork, sparks imaginative play, and hands-on discovery, and is a great addition to STEM activities.

A scientist named Sue loves to create, but her lab is a shambles and she can’t tell one part from another, so she mixes and matches and makes Frankenbots. Lots and lots of Frankenbots. She has a favorite among all these robots, and she names him Stu. Stu works around the house, helps Sue with her homework, and even follows her to school.

One day, Shadowbots arrive from outer space intent on taking over Earth. The Frankenbots bravely stand up to them, but they’re no match for the Shadowbots, who round them up and launch them into space. When they crash land on a barren planet with no way to get home, it seems to be the end of the Frankenbots and Earth. But Stu has an inventive solution that gets all his friends involved and shows that with cooperation any obstacle can be overcome.

Michael Ferrone’s clever and funny story will charm kids who love robots, science fiction, inventing, and a well-told tale. Sue is a relatable and creative child who, instead of fretting over directions, uses her own imagination to design her robots. Stu is a natural team player and leader that kids will love as much as Sue does. Ferrone’s engaging storytelling incorporates rhyming passages that make this story a joy to read aloud.

Ferrone’s intricately detailed illustrations are, quite literally, riveting, and his ingenious Frankenbots will enthrall kids. Children will linger over the pages to explore each bot and be inspired to draw or build their own creations. Humorous touches keep kids giggling, and a search-and-find game is a fun added bonus.

With a message of cooperation, friendship, and community, Frankenbots: Stu Saves the World is sure to be a favorite that kids will want to read again and again as they look forward to the next book in the series – Frankenbots: Stu and the Sunken City of Scraps.


Kathryn Carroll

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Stu Salva el mundo