Meet the



The youngest Frankenbot. Abe works at the auto-shop with Frankenbot Floyd as a porter. One day he dreams of becoming a mechanic just like his hero Floyd.

Favorite Color: Steel Gray

Favorite Place: The auto shop

Favorite Treat: Cheese curls

Special Bot Power: Can fix anything

Bot Bestie: Frankenbot Floyd

Frankenbot Abe

Frankenbot Alma is obsessed with Christmas and everything Christmas. She is always looking to brighten up the spirits of others when they feel down.

Favorite Color: Red and White Stripes

Favorite Place: Shopping mall

Special Bot Power: Brightening everyone's spirits

Bot Bestie: All the Frankenbots


Frankenbot Alma

Frankenbot Bern


A businessman at heart. Bern is an excellent negotiator and loves paperwork.

Favorite Color: Chocolate

Favorite Place: Robot School

Favorite Treat: Computer games

Special Bot Power: Supersight (thanks to four eyeballs)

Bot Bestie: Frankenbot Doug

The most emotional Frankenbot. Sometimes he cries; other times, he freaks out. Deep down, Bert really is a good bot with the right intentions.

Favorite Color: Sky blue

Favorite: Bot Lake

Favorite Treat: New tires

Special Bot Power: Wheelies

Bot Bestie: Frankenbot Lula


Frankenbot Bert

Forged from train parts and railway pieces. Bets loves adventures or simply just going for a car ride.

Favorite Color: Dark blue

Favorite Place: Somewhere far away

Favorite Treat: Shiny new bolts and parts

Special Bot Power: Super speed

Bot Bestie: Frankenbot Fritz

Frankenbot Bets

As tall as a tree. Birch is the most gentle of all the Frankenbots. He loves babies of all forms.

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Place: Forest

Favorite Treat: Mints

Special Bot Power: Tallest Bot

Bot Bestie: Frankenbot Do

Frankenbot Birch


Frankenbot Blanche loves Valentine's Day. She is always trying to play the matchmaker and connect potential future couples.

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Place: Candy Shoppe

Favorite Treat: Chocolate Hearts

Special Bot Power: Matchmaker

Bot Bestie: Frankenbot Meg

Frankenbot Blanche

Bob is always willing to help out. He is very clumsy and gets hurt or breaks things a lot.

Favorite Color: Plaid

Favorite Place: Circus

Favorite Treat: Cotten candy

Special Bot Power: Hard working

Bot Bestie: Frankenbot Fred 

Frankenbot Bob


The best barber in town. Chuck's real passion is singing, which he does every time he cuts hair.

Favorite Color: White

Favorite Place: The barbershop

Favorite Treat: Lollipops

Special Bot Power: A true artist

Bot Bestie: Frankenbot Floyd

Frankenbot Chuck

Frankenbot Claude loves all forms of racing and wants to be a race car driver someday. 

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Place: The race track

Favorite Treat: Pizza

Special Bot Power: Loyalty

Bot Bestie: Frankenbot Stu


Frankenbot Claude

Deb loves hanging out with her fellow bots. She is the smartest Frankenbot and loves teaching.

Favorite Color: Rainbow

Favorite Place: Doing science experiments

Favorite Treat: Secret Potions

Special Bot Power: Super smarts

Bot Besties: Frankenbots Tom, Bert, and Lula

Frankenbot Deb


The smallest of the Frankenbots. Franken Do is the perfect spy because nobody sees him coming, and he often goes unnoticed in large crowds. This does make him feel sad and insecure sometimes.

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Place: Hiding anywhere

Favorite Treat: Chocolate Motherload cake

Special Bot Power: Superspy

Bot Bestie: Frankenbot Birch


Franken Do


Frankenbot Doug

Frankenbot Doug is the best at finding hidden treasure.

Favorite Color: Gold

Favorite Place: Gold mines

Favorite Treat: Ginger Ale

Special Bot Power: Excellent miner

Bot Bestie: Frankenbot Bern

Frankenbot Effie is the lead singer of an all-girls robot band called The Electric Barbarellas.

Favorite Color: Fuschia

Favorite Place: Recording Studio

Favorite Treat: Hair accessories

Special Bot Power: Music

Bot Bestie: Frankenbot Ida, her bandmate


Frankenbot Effie


Frankenbot Fannie

Frankenbot Fannie loves space travel and obtaining as much knowledge from other galaxies as possible.

Favorite Color: Dark green

Favorite Place: Far off galaxies

Favorite Treat: Bot Yoga

Special Bot Power: Wisdom of the universe

Bot Bestie: Frankenbot Stu


Frankenbot Flower is always looking to have fun; whether gardening or throwing a big bash, you can count Flower in.

Favorite Color: Lemon Yellow

Favorite Place: Her garden

Favorite Treat: Partytime

Special Bot Power: Life of the party

Bot Bestie: Frankenbot Deb

Frankenbot Flower


Frankenbot Floyd

Frankenbot Floyd is the Swiss Army Knife of robots. He can transform his arms into all sorts of different tools.

Favorite Color: Silver

Favorite Place: Floyd's Lube and Tow (owner)

Favorite Treat: A new toolbox

Special Bot Power: Best mechanic in town

Bot Bestie: Frankenbot Chuck

Frankenbot Frack loves cruising the boardwalk with his best bud Frankenbot Frick. He loves heating up his joints in the sun.

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Place: The beach

Favorite Treat: Popcorn

Special Bot Power: Heat ray

Bot Bestie: Frankenbot Frick


Frankenbot Frack


Frankenbot Fred

Frankenbot Fred's favorite thing to do is look through his telescope and count the craters on the moon.

Favorite Color: Polka Dots

Favorite Place: Moon

Favorite Treat: Gummy Bots

Special Bot Power: Imagination

Bot Bestie: Frankenbot Bob

Frankenbot Frick goes wherever Frack goes. He's always there with an ice-cold beverage to cool things off.

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Place: The dance floor

Favorite Treat: Pizza

Special Bot Power: Ice ray

Bot Bestie: Frankenbot Frack


Frankenbot Frick

Frankenbot Fritz


Frankenbot Fritz works on the racetrack as a pit crew member. He looks after Claude and teaches him everything he knows about race cars.

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Place: Racetrack

Favorite Treat: Speed racers

Special Bot Power: Speaks German

Bot Bestie: Frankenbot Claude

Frankenbot Ida plays the lead guitar for the band The Electric Barbarellas.

Favorite Color: Rose Gold

Favorite Place: Center stage, playing guitar

Favorite Treat: Chocolate bars

Special Bot Power: Music

Bot Bestie: Frankenbot Effie, her bandmate


Frankenbot Ida


Frankenbot Lula loves sailing the seas and everything about the ocean.

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Place: The sea

Favorite Treat: Crackers

Special Bot Power: Sailing

Bot Besties: Frankenbots Deb, Bert, and Tom

Frankenbot Lula


Frankenbot Matt loves to crack a joke any chance he gets.

Favorite Color: Orange (same as his Besties)

Favorite Place: Comedy Show

Favorite Treat: Tomatoes

Special Bot Power: Wisecrack for every occasion

Bot Besties: Frankenbots Sam and Stan

Frankenbot Matt


Frankenbot Max loves cooking and getting together for gatherings.

Favorite Color: Golden Brown

Favorite Place: Paris

Favorite Treat: Anything delicious

Special Bot Power: Cooking

Bot Bestie: Frankenbot Alma

Frankenbot Max


Frankenbot Meg loves to shop and isn't afraid to show it.

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Place: Her walk-in closet

Favorite Treat: Spa Day

Special Bot Power: Great style

Bot Besties: Frankenbots Blanche

Frankenbot Meg


Frankenbot Sam never leaves home without watching cartoons first.

Favorite Color: Orange (same as his Besties)

Favorite Place: His living room with a big-screen TV

Favorite Treat: Sparkling juice box

Special Bot Power: Powerful laugh

Bot Besties: Frankenbots Matt and Stan

Frankenbot Sam


Frankenbot Stan loves watching scary movies and makes home videos.

Favorite Color: Orange (same as his Besties)

Favorite Place: Costume Shop

Favorite Treat: Halloween Candy

Special Bot Power: Gas on demand

Bot Besties: Frankenbots Sam and Matt

Frankenbot Stan


The leader of the Frankenbots and the favorite of their creator, Sue.

Favorite Color: Gold

Favorite Place: On the top of a big pile of scraps

Favorite Treat: Watching the other bots get better

Special Bot Power: A great leader, very wise

Bot Bestie: Frankenbots Fannie

Frankenbot STu